With respects paid to our Mediterranean soils, we serve the beauty of a modern soul.

To us, beauty lies in details. The details of attentive ingredient selection create perfection and support your natural beauty without environmentally-unfriendly practices or oversaturated, inorganic formulas.

Organically grown since 1995.
Enriched in Roma.

We adore our Mother Nature and live by the philosophy that only what is natural should be consumed. Far from the standardisation of inorganic, synthetic ingredients, and clogged pores, we rely on organically grown Hemp & CBD to produce skincare that cares about the wellness of your skin.

Grown in the Mediterranean and formulated in Roma with the finest ingredients that moisturise and feed your skin, we produce lines of excellence that are accessible to all who care about the Earth.

Each one of us is special, and our skin deserves attention just as such. Real skin has texture, pores, and even the occasional blemish. Perfect skin is healthy skin.

Real skin deserves top-grade organic ingredients.

At Mooneo, our money is invested in the quality of skincare, and only in the highest safety, potency, and efficacy carrying compounds. Our unique online model allows us to erase the traditional expenses and the intermediaries to focus on what really matters: the best quality at a fair price, all while minimising CO2 emissions.

We use natural ingredients. Our ingredients nurture your skin, to tell the story of your raw beauty.

We work with naturopaths, biochemists, and scientists from leading European universities to discover the most potent formulae made from ingredients found in nature. This retains our qualities of organic, sustainable practices that are good both for the skin and the Earth.

Climate change offset

Cruelty-free Cruelty-free
Sustainable Sustainable
Organic Organic
Made in Italy Made in Italy
High efficacy High efficacy
Climate change offset Climate change offset

When bettering your skin saves our Planet Earth.

As a Mediterranean brand based in valleys of beautiful nature, the green spaces are our home. Inspired by, sourcing from, and thriving in nature, we allocate 5% of our profits to the offset of climate change — saving reefs, planting trees and preventing human-made deforestation.

Embrace raw, natural beauty.

Hydrate after a bath in the sun