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Nutrient rich formulation to give You desired feelings

An organic, essential daily formula helps to restore the skin’s natural elasticity and glow. Hemp oil and CBD extracts rejuvenate skin, protecting it against the wear of weather, reducing signs of tiredness, and promoting healthy moisture levels.

Skin feel

Hydrated and balanced, cooled.

Helps with

Replenishing the skin barrier
Healthy hydratrion
Daily maintenance
Revitalizing pores

Apply onto your clean face or hands every morning for extra hydration or before sleep to repair skin overnight. Massage gently until it absorbs. For external use only. Do not swallow and keep out of reach of children.


  • Helps reduce dark undereyes
  • Feeds skin with vitamins
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Reduces dryness and oiliness
Care for the beauty of your skin with the essential daily repair & protection blend.

Good for sensitive skin that needs extra care and attention. Made from 100% natural products.

Mixed with non-irritating ingredients that soothe and protect the skin. CBD adds the potency to help heal the skin and stimulate the growth of new tissue. It effectively softens and helps protect the skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin in need of a extra care.


No non-sense. Only pure, organic care.

x No Silicones
x No Parabens
x No PEG

& no Paraffin, no Petrolatum, no Propylene glycol, no Dimethicone, no Mineral Oil, no… Nothing that would be unfriendly to your skin nor the Earth.


Saving the Earth one step at a time with 70% less plastic used.

Our unique patented formula reduces the plastic used in packaging by 70%, and instead replaces it with biodegradable materials. This also allows us to almost eliminate added preservatives.

Get a mooneo for your hands

Our skincare is made for all skin types. CBD is skin-friendly — it absorbs efficiently without clogging the pores.

Yes! CBD is recommended for sensitive skin since it doesn’t produce an allergic reaction. Cannabidiol (CBD)is known to reduce inflammation — rashes, redness, and irritation, usually common conditions for people with sensitive skin. CBD also supports Sebum oil production, which helps hydrate the skin and avoid dryness.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It’s safe, highly potent, and highly praised for its benefits in skincare. Unlike THC, CBD does not contain the molecules that get people high, so it is legal. It is especially recognised amongst professionals for its anti-aging effect — CBD stimulates cell regeneration and helps heal broken, damaged, acne, or even eczema affected skin.

Yes! We don’t test on animals. In fact, we love our animals so much so that we donate 5% of profits towards climate change offset to save endangered species from extinction.

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